You create the vision. We'll create the plates.  

As fellow chefs, restaurateurs and hospitality folks, we understand the importance of having high quality and cost-effective table wares that look beautiful. That is why our mission has always been to create beautiful ceramics that can withstand the beating of a commercial kitchen. Tested in restaurants around the world, our wares are durable, affordable and unique.

Reactive Spirit

Both an art and a science – artisan techniques are used to produce a chemical reaction during the firing process that results in each piece being subtly unique. Reactive Spirit wares are one-of-a-kind and every piece can be appreciated for its mottled beauty.

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Earthen Spirit

An appreciation of one of the earliest forms of pottery – tradition meets contempo with unrefined natural features combined with new style colours and finishes. Earthen Spirit feels organic, rugged and timeless.

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Pure Spirit

Our Pure Spirit collection was our first line of hospitality plateware. The simplicity of a white plate is timeless and classic, letting the beauty of the food and ingredients speak for themselves.

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