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Dinner Plates

All Dinner Plates
Aqua Dinner Plate Aqua Dinner Plate

4 plates
Pearl Dinner Plate Pearl Dinner Plate

4 plates
Carbon Dinner Plate Carbon Dinner Plate

4 plates
Ice Dinner Plate Ice Dinner Plate

4 plates

Side Plates

All Side Plates
Aqua Side Plate Aqua Side Plate

4 plates
Carbon Side Plate Carbon Side Plate

4 plates
Ice Side Plate Ice Side Plate

4 plates


All Bowls
Aqua Power Bowl Aqua Power Bowl

4 bowls
Quail Egg Ramen Bowl Quail Egg Ramen Bowl

4 bowls
Onyx Pasta Bowl

4 bowls

Serving Plates + Platters

All Serving Plates + Platters
Granite Rectangle Platter Granite Rectangle Platter

Sold individually
Nest Small Oval Plate Nest Small Oval Plate

4 Plates

Serving Bowls

All Serving Bowls
Quail Egg Shallow Serving Bowls Quail Egg Shallow Serving Bowls

2 Shallow Serving Bowls